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Rhapsody Sweater by Erika Knight


A random stripe t-shirt style sweater knitted in stocking stitch.



Finished Chest - 86cm (S), 96cm (M), 108cm (L), 120cm (XL), 134cm (XXL)



Erika Knight Studio Linen

85% recycled linen/15% premium linen

Approx. 120m/50g hank

A Hanks (approx.) - 3 (S), 3 (M), 4 (L), 5 (XL), 6 (XXL)

B Hanks (approx.) - 4 (S), 4 (M), 5 (L), 6 (XL), 7 (XXL)

C Hanks (approx.) - 3 (S), 3 (M), 4 (L), 5 (XL), 6 (XXL)

3.75mm needles

3.75mm circular needle

Stitch holders 

Large eyed blunt tipped sewing needle

Rhapsody Sweater

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