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We are so excited to bring you INDIECITA 100% Baby Alpaca 8ply EASY WASH. This gorgeous yarn is available in 16 fabulous, carefully curated colours and is machine washable! It's super-soft, light and warm too making it the perfect choice for your double knit projects.

Here is a bit more information about Easy Wash Alpaca...

Sustainable Easy Wash is an anti-shrinkage enzymatic treatment that allows the use of Alpaca yarns that require machine washing and -very importantly- it is made in a sustainable and enviromentally friendly way. 

The new Sustainable Easy Wash Alpaca is recommended for hand knitting, machine knitting, hosiery and weaving.

The characteristics of the new Sustainable Easy Wash Alpaca yarns are:

-The natural character of the fiber is mainatined, and not as other treaments that lose it beacause the fiber is covered with synthetic material. 

-We obtain a cleaner (whiter) fiber comopared to yellowing acquired by other treaments.

-All the treament is free of chlorine, resins and sulfuric acid, so do not present any kind of contamination to the tributaries.

- Do not contain any type of harmful chemicals 

- It is approved by Oekotexx, Blue Sign and Reach.

-Maximum shrinkage is only about 8%.

Easy Wash 8 Ply Rust Melange 2533-Indiecita

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