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Four fold 100% Perendale wool is ideal for knitting, crocheting, weaving. Perfect for children and beginners working with wool. 

 Available in 8, 12, 16 & 20 ply in an array of hand dyed vivid colours.


8 ply 400mt per 200grms 4mm knitting needles

12ply 180mt per 200grms 6mm knitting needles—weaving 6epi.

16ply 150mt per 200grms 8mm knitting needles—weaving 4epi

20ply 85mt per 200grms10mm-25mm knitting needles—weaving 2epi.

Young children learning to knit will find this yarn in 16 & 20 plys easy to manage.

Our yarns are used by the Rudolf Steiner School system for all their craft programs. Children from kindergarten through to upper primary make wonderful craft. Weaving pencil and crayon bags to knitting hats, blankets and socks are just a few examples of the wonderful project options for these yarns.

Dark Purple Perendale—Mollydale Yarns (SCHOOL ORDERS ONLY)

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